Since 1991, five generations of Meditech ABPM instruments has served hundreds of patients, medical professionals and researchers. While launching each new type, the previous one would be slowly withdrawn from the circulation and Meditech will still continue providing support and service to customers who have old systems. Currently, two generations of  clinically tested and validated Meditech ambulatory blood pressure monitors are in distribution, ABPM-04 as solid but cost-effective solution and ABPM-05, which incorporates the latest improvements, such as optional built-in Bluetooth module for communication with the PC.

Features and benefits of Meditech ABPM-05 and CardioVisions software:

- incorporated oscillometric technology is based on a proprietary algorithm, validated according to BHS and AAMI protocols, recommended by  European Society of Hypertension

- allows you to measure systolic, diastolic blood pressure and pulse rate over 24 or up to a period of 48 hours, using two AA rechargeable batteries

- lightweight and compact recorder unit with quiet functioning

- includes CardioVisions, intuitive, easy-to-use but powerful software

- well organized patient database and various numeric, graphical presentations of the results and medical reports created with free editing are all standard features of relating software

- flexible programming with configuration of 4 different time ranges: day, night, morning and special period provide an unlimited number of protocols to met the needs of any study


Basic set includes the high quality sleeve cuff with silent inflation which meets high quality standards.

Technical parameters & measurement range

Power supply:

2 AA rechargeable NiCd or NiMH batteries or 2 AA alkaline batteries



Data storage:

internal solid state memory

Data transmission:

with ABPM-05 on serial or USB optical cable, 115200Baud
with BlueBP-05 serial Bluetooth transfer, 115200Baud

PC interface:

special optoelectronic serial or USB interface
USB Bluetooth interface

Operating environment:

Temperature: 10 - 45 °C
Humidity: 10 - 95 %, non condensing
Atmospheric pressure: 70 - 106 kPa
Storage conditions:
Temperature: -20 - 50 °C
Humidity: 10 - 95 %, non condensing


70 x 99 x 30 mm


app. 240 g (batteries included)

Blood pressure measurement method:


Blood pressure maximum storage:

over 600 measurements

Pressure measurement range:

0-300 mmHg
0-40 kPa*
Static accuracy:
± 3 mmHg or 0,5 kPa or ± 2% of measured value (stability: 2 years)

Blood pressure measurement range:

30-260 mmHg
4-35 kPa*

Pulse rate measurement range:

40-200 beat per minute

Blood pressure measurement accuracy:

same measuring algorithm as used in the ABPM-04, which has been validated according to the BHS protocol

Pressure sensor:



automatically controlled pump


maximum inflation 300 mmHg (75 kPa*);
independent safety release valve

Deflation and rapid air release:

automatic pressure release valve

*Measuring and LCD displaying in kPa values is an option which can be selected in the CardioVisions software. The unit of measurement can be changed later in the database.