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Welcome to our site, which aims to be the ultimate 24 hour blood pressure monitor solution provider for you and for your patiens.  If you are looking for such an equipment as a doctor or medical professoinal  or if you would like to get more info on the subject of ABPM as a patient, then you could not be at a better place.

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Our site offers extended information on the topic of ambulatory blood pressure monitoring systems.

More info about the 24 hour ABP monitor and also about 24 hour BP Holter monitoring:

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  4. Validation and protocols
  5. For patients: what is ambulatory blood pressure monitoring?
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The purpose of this site is to introduce an affordable, high quality solution for ambulatory blood pressure measurement. This form of diagnostics has many decades of history, starting in the 1970s, when the issues of white coat hypertension was first noted. Since then, the technology advancement, especially in the IT sector has revolutionized the ways of recording ambulatory blood pressure. With the computers capacity to record, store and analyze BP data, these type of measurements have become very common and easy to perform with such monitors.

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ABPM-05, the device which is demonstrated on this website, takes full advantage of these latest technologies. The device itself is small, lightweight and easy to use, with 3 buttons to handle all possible events. The big LCD also helps the patient with keeping track of the measurment process. It operates with two batteries and it can work for up to 48 hours with them.

Lightweight, at only 200 gramms

Small size, easy to carry, not disturbing to carry

Big LCD, easy to read BP measurements

Up to 48 hours of ABP monitoring


The software

CardioVisions is a user-friendly ambulatory blood pressure monitor software, which is available in 9 languages (English, Spanish, Russian, Italian, Greek, Polish, Hungarian, Swedish and Slovakian). Creating a standard report is just a few clicks, so it is very time effective. However if you would like to set a configuration for a special customized report, that is also possible.


We hope that you will be satisfied with our affordable ambulatory blood pressure monitors and we would like to welcome you as one of our satisified customers in the near future.